ParkPAC works for you. We promote your ability to operate your business in a free market environment by educating legislators to your needs as individual business owners and making sure that legislation curtailing your rights is not enacted. We actively examine all candidates and their stances on issues key to your future success and make sure that specific anti-business legislation does not become law. We have a solid track record of working for you and the property rights you deserve to maintain.

ParkPAC is your legislative watchdog. We keep a keen eye on dangerous and potentially damaging legislation that is continually being proposed and promoted in the legislatures. Now that Oregon has legislative sessions once a year instead of every other year, they have double the ability to legislate your rights away and need double the oversight to make sure your livelihoods are protected from onerous and overbearing new laws.

This past year, ParkPAC was successful in keeping bills pertaining to destructive rent control, rent justification, and other landlord unfriendly actions, off the agenda. As the composition of the legislature changes with every election, we must remain vigilant in our determination to keep a maximum quota of landlord friendly legislators in the majority to keep your rights from being eroded.

ParkPAC actively vets and supports many quality legislators who will diligently work to promote and protect your businesses from over-burdensome new laws. We do the homework for you. We assess each of these candidates that we support through the lens of what they can do for you as owners and operators of manufactured home communities with specialized needs and concerns.

But we can only do this with the generous support of each of you who benefit from our activism and our careful monitoring of these burdensome pieces of legislation. Without your ongoing financial contributions to ParkPAC, we lose our edge in the constantly changing battlefield on which we operate. We need to constantly maneuver every year in order to keep the playing field level and to help you achieve your goals of lowering legislative oversight and maximizing your individual business potential.

The threats to your business’ ability to operate freely are real. They come from attrition in the legislature, activist agendas bent on promoting more and more oversight and intrusive legislation, and more than anything, a general lack of diligence in keeping all these factors in focus.

Let ParkPAC be the lens through which your concerns and desires are broadcast and promoted at the State House.